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Quick Guide to Blue Slips NSW

Published by: eTech Auto
March 8, 2021
The blue slip inspection, or the Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection report, is a thorough inspection for any unregistered vehicle that needs to be registered in NSW.

What is a Blue Slip Inspection?

The blue slip inspection, or the Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection report, is a thorough inspection for any unregistered vehicle that needs to be registered in NSW. It is a safety inspection to make sure that the vehicle passes design and identity standards and is safe to be on the roads.


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When would I need a blue slip inspection report?

The report is required by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in NSW for any unregistered vehicle and needs to be registered and driven in the state of NSW.

There are several situations when a blue slip report is requested:

  • The vehicle is registered overseas or in a different state in Australia and will be permanently used in NSW. A blue slip inspection is required within two weeks of the vehicle’s arrival to the state.
  • The vehicle was previously written-off and was cleared to be used again and approved for a future registration.
  • The previous registration has expired three months ago.
  • There have been major adjustments done to the vehicle and updating registration records are required.
  • Defect notices need to be cleared for a specific vehicle.


What mechanical components are checked during the blue slip inspection?

The examiner will be thoroughly checking the mechanical safety of your vehicle. They will be checking features such as:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension and steering
  • Lights
  • Seat belt functions
  • Major and minor leaks
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Engine/Engine components
  • Exhaust system
  • Towing attachments (if any)
  • The overall physical condition for your vehicle
  • Full design check
  • Making sure there are no illegal/dangerous extensions and accessories fitted (example, light bard, a spotlight, rod holders, etc..)
  • Body rust


Blue Slip Checklist

Once you book your appointment for a blue slip inspection, make sure you do the following:

  • Clean the vehicle’s interior and make sure there are no loose items.
  • Give the vehicle’s exterior a good wash.
  • Ensure your vehicle has enough fuel as the examiner might have to drive your vehicle for up to 10 KM to check everything is working well.
  • Bring all documentation and proof of identity and purchase.


What proof of identity or car ownership documentation do I need?

Since the blue inspection report is for unregistered cars, it is particularly important to check for identification documentation to make sure the vehicle belongs to you and there are no stolen parts.

Make sure you carry the following with you when you attend a blue slip inspection appointment:

  • A proof of identity (eg. Driver’s license)
  • A proof of vehicle purchase – documents such as a Certificate of Registration completed and signed by the previous owner, a bill of sale or a receipt, or even a Completed Notice of Disposal signed by the previous owner.
  • The vehicle’s VIN number and engine numbers
  • Chassis number
  • If there was any major adjustment done to the vehicle (for example engine replacement) please make sure you have a proof that you purchased those items
  • Any relevant documentation for the car


What happens if my vehicle fails a blue slip inspection?

If for any reason your vehicle fails the blue slip inspection, you have 14 days to fix any mechanical errors and you need to come back again within 14 days to redo the blue slip inspection.

It is always recommended to go back to the same examiner that performed the previous blue slip inspection as they know what to look for.


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How long is the blue slip inspection valid for?

The blue slip report is valid for 42 days and if you fail to register your vehicle within that time frame, you will have to redo the blue slip inspection.


What’s the difference between Blue Slip and Pink Slip?

There are many differences but the main one is that a blue slip is for unregistered vehicles whereas a pink slip is for registration renewal.

A blue slip is a full and thorough inspection while a pink slip is mainly performed to notify the RMS that your vehicle is safe enough to be driven on NSW’s roads.


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