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What is Pink Slip in NSW, and How much does pink slip cost?

Published by: eTech Auto
January 5, 2021
Pink Slip or (eSafety check) is a requirement for registering any light vehicle older than 5 years old in NSW.

Pink Slip in NSW is basically a report that you can acquire from your mechanic in order to show that your car is functional and safe to be on the road.

Whether you’re renewing your car’s registration or registering your vehicle for the first time, a pink slip is a requirement by Transport for NSW – Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

If you’re renewing your vehicle’s registration, your registration renewal will usually notify you if your vehicle requires an inspection.

eSafety inspections (pink slips) are usually performed at authorised inspection stations and the results of the report are electronically sent to the RMS. You can also contact a mobile pink slip provider to come to you if you don’t have the time to go to a station.


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How much does a pink slip cost?

Pink slips have a standard cost in NSW, and it will cost you $42 (plus a call up fee for a mobile mechanic) which will cover the mechanic’s time to inspect your vehicle, issue a report and send it electronically to the RMS.


What parts of the vehicle are inspected during a pink slip inspection?

It’s particularly important to make sure that your vehicle is road worthy and it’s safe to drive as it will affect passengers’ safety. The below areas are what a mechanic will be looking at:

  • The quality of tyres and tread depth
  • Engine condition in addition to engine belt, suspension, and exhaust conditions
  • Driveline fluid leaks
  • Headlights, windscreen wipers, blinkers, interior lights, and dash lights
  • Seatbelt condition
  • Brake efficiency test


My vehicle passed the eSafety inspection, now what?

Your mechanic will electronically send the pink slip to the RMS. You need to then purchase a green slip or CTP insurance (mandatory car insurance) which will also be electronically sent to the RMS. After that, you can continue with the car registration process either online, by phone, by post, or in person by visiting the nearest NSW service centre.


What happens if my vehicle fails the pink slip inspection?

If your vehicle is not safe enough to be on the roads, the mechanic/inspector will issue a “white slip fail report” showing the necessary repairs needed to pass the inspection. You need to repair and re-inspect your vehicle within 14 days and if you use the same mechanic, additional charges will not apply for pink slip re-inspection.

However, a new pink slip (eSafety inspection) will be required if the necessary repairs weren’t done within the time frame provided.


How long does the pink slip last?

Pink slips are valid for 6 months and you’ll need to finalise your vehicle’s registration within the 6-month period (since the pink slip has been issued). If you couldn’t register during that time, you will have to obtain another pink slip and your vehicle will have to pass inspection again.


Where can I get Pink Slips?

eTech Auto Repairs is a registered mobile pink slip provider. We can inspect your car, complete the pink slip and send the report electronically to the RMS.


Call us today at 0421 558 036 and organise your pink slip inspection.

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