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Difference between Pink Slip and Blue Slip

Published by: eTech Auto
March 22, 2021
Pink, blue, green, or white slip! All can be a bit confusing huh. What are those different coloured slips? and which one is the one you need?Today, we’ll try to explain what each slip means and what are they used for.

What does each slip mean?

Pink Slip

Also called e-Safety check, is an inspection required by the RMS in NSW for the registration of any light vehicle that’s more than five years old. It is requested to confirm that the vehicle is roadworthy and safe to be on the roads.

Blue Slip

Blue slip is an inspection report required to make sure that unregistered vehicles meet identity and design standards and are also safe to be on the roads.


When is it needed?

Pink Slip

Pink slip is needed for the registration of any light vehicle that’s more than five years old to be driven on NSW roads.

Blue Slip

since the blue slip is for unregistered vehicles, there are different scenarios when it becomes needed:

  • Vehicle has been registered overseas or in a different state.
  • Old registration expired 3 months ago.
  • The vehicle was previously written off and is now cleared for registration.

Read more details on when a blue slip is required


What is checked in the vehicle for each pink slip and blue slip?

For pink slip, vehicles are tested to be roadworthy and safe. Things like, suspension and exhaust, fluid leaks, seatbelt, brakes, and tyres are checked.

As for a blue slip, things like body rust, brakes, suspension, lights, towing attachments, illegal/dangerous extensions and accessories, tyres, and more are usually checked. With a blue slip, identification and ownership documentation are also needed.

Check what documentation and identification is needed for the blue slip.


How long is the validity for each slip?

When it comes to pink slips, they are valid for six months and it is required to register/renew your vehicle within the six-month period.

Failing to complete or renew the vehicle’s registration within the given period will result in having to issue a new pink slip report.

As for the blue slip, it is valid for 42 days only. Failing to register the vehicle within 42 days will result in having to redo the blue slip inspection.


Failing the blue/pink slip inspection

If your vehicle fails either inspection, a 14-day period is given to fix the needed mechanical issues. Once fixed, the pink or blue slip inspection can be redone.

In the end, a blue slip is a thorough vehicle inspection whereas the pink slip is mainly performed to notify the RMS that the vehicle is safe enough to be driven on NSW’s roads.


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